Rose Gold Personal Alarm

Rose Gold Personal Alarm


Our brand new small but ultra loud (130Db) personal alarm with LED torch have been used to keep our happy customers safe for years and is the perfect safety partner for all including;

  • Women
  • Kids/Children
  • Elderly
  • Joggers & Runners
  • Students
  • Travellers + more.

Our safesound mini personal attack alarms are simple and easy to use, even for your kids and the elderly. Simply pull the pin and it will activate the panic alarm. To turn off the device just push the sturdy pin on the attack alarm back in. You can also activate the siren by quickly double clicking the light activation button.

It can be a key deterrent in dangerous Anti-theft, SOS & Anti-Rape situations. The built in LED flashlight is perfect for travellers or adventurers who as well as protection, might wander away from the crowds and find themselves in a dark and unsafe location at night. It can also be used to help travellers find keys and get around quietly in hostels & hotels.

Our happy customers love the look of our alarms and have used them on their self defence keyring /keychains, handbags or as a pendant, necklace, wristband, bracelet, neck strap or on a lanyard.

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Our mini personal alarm comes ready to use with batteries included.
Should you need to replace them, simply unscrew the cover, remove the cover and replace the batteries with new ones.

65mm x 38 mm x 25mm (6.5cm x 3.8cm x 2.5cm)


Rose Gold / Pink

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