Pink Rechargeable Personal Alarm

Pink Rechargeable Personal Alarm


Order our rechargeable and waterproof, loud and stylish personal security alarm today. Thousands of happy customers have purchased our reliable panic/personal alarm as a safety companion. Whether you’re going for a run at night or travelling through an area you’re not familiar with; Our police approved alarm will give you that extra peace of mind.

The Safe Nomad panic alarm is not only rechargeable, but water-resistant too, coming with an IP44 rating which protects against water splashing from all distances. This makes it the perfect accessory to hang to your handbag to have near in case of a dangerous situation.

A safety protector for you and your family members including;

Female anti rape alarm can deter attackers in dangerous situations and attract attention.

A personal alarm is the perfect safety partner for a child who may find themselves alone.

The elderly
Your elder family member can use this SOS personal alarm when in need of urgent help.

Everyone else
Our police approved panic alarm is the perfect companion whether you’re travelling, jogging, hiking, walking, camping, nights out, lone working or walking to school.

How to use it
The Safe Nomad panic alarm couldn’t be easier to use, simply pull out the pin to activate the alarm, and re-insert to stop. Or double click the SOS button to activate the loud siren.

Our personal alarm also comes with a USB rechargeable battery. To charge, simply use the USB cable provided to charge the alarm.

Don’t active the alarm near your ears, unless in the event of an attack – it is very loud!

Rechargeable lithium battery

Weight & size
Weight: 30g
Size: 2.7in x 1.4in x 0.67in

Safe Nomad

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