Matte Black Personal Alarm

Matte Black Personal Alarm


Protect yourself from robberies, attacks and assaults with our super loud 130DB personal alarm. Loud enough to alert passers-by and scare off attackers.

Our Police Approved Panic Rape Alarm has the following advantages:

  • Unique way of protecting yourself
  • Small, lightweight and easily portable. Just attach it to your keys or bags.
  • Simple to use, just pull out the pin to activate and insert the pin to stop the alarm.
  • The LED flashlight provides added safety in dark locations. It can also be used to locate keys and keyholes in the dark.
  • Our police approved panic alarm is the perfect companion for activities, such as: travelling, jogging, hiking, walking, hiking, camping, nights out, lone working or walking to school

Perfect device to protect yourself and other men & women or the ideal gift to keep your friends, family, children or elderly safe and sound.

Don’t active the alarm near your ears, unless in the event of an attack – it is very loud!

Our mini personal alarm comes ready to use with batteries included.
Should you need to replace them, simply unscrew the cover, remove the cover and replace the batteries with new ones.

Weight & size
Weight: 50g
Size: 65mm x 38mm x 25mm (6.5cm x 3.8cm 2.5cm)

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