Medan Travel Guide

Medan Travel Guide

Medan is the capital of North Sumatra and is the third largest city of Indonesia.

Northern Sumatra is the most populous province outside of Java which is covered with verdant jungles, rainforest, rice padding, mysterious volcanic lakes and exotic beaches.

Medan is also the home for many ethnic groups, cultures and custom and is a place where you will experience wide diversity of arts and cultures.

If you love flora and fauna then this is the place for you as North Sumatra is well known for it’s flora and fauna.

Medan has an important harbour and is a trading center. From Belawan harbor you can easily access Penang, Malaysia via the sea route.

With a population of more than 2 million, Medan is an an exotic place to visit.

Average temperature ranges from 20 to 32 degree Celsius with humidity from 60% to 90%. November to May is the wet season whereas May to October is the dry season.

How to go
Medan can be easily accessed via air from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Jakarta and other parts of the globe.

There are many flights operating to Medan from many parts of world as there is international airport in the heart of the city.

Motorized becaks is found everywhere in Medan. Beside you can find taxis, buses, rental cars etc.

Medan is located in North Sumatra of Indonesia. Sumatra is one of the biggest island on the earth with a surface of 473,481 sq km.

Guru Patimpur founded Medan village in around 1590. Gradually Medan village (Kampung Medan) turned to present day Medan.

The place where the river Deli meets river Babura was original of the Kampung Medan which is also known as medan deli (As it was in the land of Deli).

The Batak Karo community was the first settler in Medan. Later the king of Acheh, Sultan Iskander Muda ruled the region, hence the kingdom of the Deli flourished.

The Dutch government ruled the region from 1658. Medan became the capital of the northern province in 1915 and was declared a city in 1918.

Place of attraction
Maimoon Palace
It is the finest building in the city which was built in 1886

Mesjid Ray
This is a wonderful black domed designed by Dutch architect building.

It is one of the largest mosque in Indonesia, built in Moorish style in 1906. Glass were imported from China, Chandelier from Amsterdam and marble from Italy

Bank Indonesia and high court building
This two building are the fine example of European architecture.

Museum of North Sumatra
This is military museum which has wide range of weapons on display used in the war of independence.

Kesawan Square
This is the newest open air food court in Medan where you can taste various delicious Indonesian, western and Chinese cuisine. It was established in 2002.

Crocodile farm
This farm has around 2000 crocodile of different species and is the largest farm in Indonesia.

There are lots of animal in this zoo which covers around 3 hectares.

Other places of attraction
Old City Hall
Post Office Center
Water Tower
Titi Canutary

Places around Medan
Located 70km from Berastagi in wonderful hill from where two volcanoes ,guntug sinagung and Gunung Sibatak is situated. You can also experience a fascinating culture of Karo Batak pepole in the region.

Lake Toba
This is the largest lake in Southeast Asia located 176 km from Medan. This beautiful lake is surrounded by mountains, beaches sands.

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