Hua Hin Travel Guide

Hua Hin Travel Guide

When you say hello to Hua Hin, you’re saying welcome to holiday beaches and sun-filled days of summer fun. You’ll discover a world of special charm in a resort that’s been catering to the needs of the discerning vacationer for over half a century.

Providing a uniquely different experience for the traveler, the resort lies on the sunrise side of the Gulf of Thailand and combines the attractions of a modern holiday destination with the charm and fascination of a still active fishing port.

You’ll find leisure activities for the whole family watersports to golf. And around Hua Hin there’s fabulous parks and peaks, caves and waterfalls.

Superbly fresh seafood, unique shopping opportunities and an air of leisurely relaxation – the ingredients for a special kind of holiday experience.

Say hello to Hua Hin, and experience its charm for yourself.


Thailand’s oldest beach resort, Hua Hin was established in 1920s and quickly became popular with the country’s social cognoscenti. The construction of a single track railway line from Bangkok ensured its accessibility and popularity with a wider section of the population.

But it was the resort’s royal connection which has given Hua Hin a special character of its very own.

In the early 20th century, King Rama VII built a summer place at the resort, and shortly after, in 1928, King Rama VII built his Klai Kangwon (Far From Worries) Palace which remains until this today as an official royal residence.

Hua Hin continued to develop in its own leisurely way, both as a genteel resort with the added attraction of an 18-hole golf course, and as a fishing port, built essentially on wooden piers. The colonial style Railway Hotel, built by the State Railways of Thailand in 1923, set the mode and unique atmosphere which was to characterize Hua Hin for the next several decades.

Many regular visitors built their own beachfront summer homes to the south along the curving sandy bay, enjoying leisurely family weekends in a resort which had maintained its unique identity.


Ideal as a family resort and a haven of gentled relaxation for the traveler who enjoys a more traditional holidaying style, Hua Hin and its environs offer all the expected seaside activities and lots more besides.

On the western side of the Gulf of Thailand, Hua Hin is a comfortable 3 hour journey by road from Bangkok. The resort can of course, also be reached by leisurely rail trip or by an even short shorter flight to Hua Hin airport.

Once there by whatever means, -the visitor is ready to make the best of high days and holidays with a difference. First opened in 1924, the 18-hole Royal Hua Hin Golf Course is the oldest public course in the country, and today still provides a challenging and entertainment test for local and visiting players.

Out of town, a short distance of Pran Buri is Khao Sam Roi Yot (mountain of 300 Peaks) National Park. Covering an area of over 90 square kilometers, the park provides a sanctuary for numerous species of birds and a variety of animals. Among them are mountain goats known as serow, porcupines and monkeys.

Kaeng Krachan Dam and National Park which extends to the Burmese border some 40 kilometers west of Petchburi, is Thailand’s largest national park, covering an area of almost 3000 sq km. The reservoir of the dam is dotted with wooded islands with caves, rivers, grasslands, forest, mountains and waterfalls, all to be found in the park itself.

A waterfall not to be missed is Pa La-u, a spectacular series of cascading falls in a truly jungle setting. Trekking to the top of these beautiful falls is possible but demands careful planning, an experienced guide, a few days to spare, and not least, a great deal of energy. Karen villages are also to be seen nearby.

Visitors to any of the national parks areas should be aware of the presence of large numbers of mosquitoes and are well advised to take the necessary precautions.


Tickets of all classes may be purchased 90 days in advance at principal stations at advertised times at each station and at the Advance Booking Office (Bangkok Station) where tickets to and from any station by all trains are available between 8.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. on weekdays and 8.30 a.m. to 12.00 p.m. on Saturday, Sunday and official holidays.
 Passengers are allowed to carry personal luggage free of charge as follow:

1st class: 50 kgs.
2nd class: 40 kgs.
3rd class: 30 kgs.

Children paying half fares are allowed half weight for adult according to class of tickets.
 Children of over 3 years to 12 years and whose height does not exceed 150 cms. are accepted at half adult fares. Children of 3 years or under who are less than 100 cm. in height are conveyed free, providing separate seats are required for them. Tickets of all classes may be purchased 90 days in advance at principal stations.
 Changes in travel times should be notified in advance to avoid cancellation of reservation.
 Passengers alighting at intermediary stations are not permitted further use or refund of ticket.
 Changes in travel times or refunds must be effected within 3 hours of original departure times.
 For further information, please contact the Station Office, Damneonkasem Road, Hua Hin Tel. (032) 511-073.
 Tickets are available in advance at the station.

Note: The price and time can be changed, please contact by yourself at the railway station.

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