Halong Bay Travel Guide

Halong Bay Travel Guide

Halong Bay is known for its natural wonders of Vietnam, due to it’s precipitous nature the island is unaffected and uninhabited by human presence.

Halong Bay features more than one thousand islands and limestone karsts of various shapes and sizes along with more than 120km coastline of Bai Chay Beach.

Halong is famous for its amazing limestone cliffs, unbelievable scenic beauty and numerous caves. The meaning of Halong Bay is the place where the Dragon goes into the sea.

Halong Bay is a United Nations Education, Science and Culture Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage Site. The emerald green water and more than 3 thousand islands cover almost 1500 square kilometer.

It’s water host a great diversity of ecosystem, which includes sandy beaches, coral reefs, fresh water swamp forests, fresh water lakes and mangrove forests.

The bay is about 160 kilo meters north east of Hanoi and can be accessed by road. In order to enjoy Halong Bay many people take a tour from Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City.

Many travel agents in Hanoi offer packages, which includes boating excursions from Chinese junks to kayaks.

Boats and motorboats are available in Halong to take you on a panoramic journey of the bay with visits to some of the grottoes and caves.

Hnag Dua Go (Grotto of the Wooden Stakes) is one of the biggest and comprises a huge cavern with three chambers along with extensive grotto with rock formation presenting various eerie images in the mysterious light.

Other places you can also visit Bo Nau, Drum Grotto and Hang Hanh Cave is almost 2 kilometer long. The most spectacular caves is the Thien Cung.

The cave interior has been beautifully illuminated to bring out its full splendor.

A wide variety of animals and birds including monkeys, iguanas, antelopes and bantams live on the islands.

Tourist can visit Halong at any time of the year will be amazed by its alluring beauty. September to November is said to be the best time to visit Halong Bay. May to June is also good but the water is warm.

From January to April the weather is cooler.

Halong Bay includes 2 beaches and a large national park on the island with lakes and forests.

Ao Tien is a natural pond. It’s a lagoon on an island within the bay within limestone walls, accessible by boats.

The water of the pond is warm and chest deep and it’s best for swimming.

Visitors can swim in the clear waters or serenely sail through the exotic bay or explore the grottoes and caves on the larger islands.

Halong is the number one tourist destination of North Vietnam and attracts thousands of visitors each year.

Place of Attraction
1. Tuan Chau Island
This is located 3Km west of Dau Go and approximately 9km from Halong city. Ho Chi Minh visited this island and favoured a place in the island which has now been maintained as historical monuments

2. Poem Mountain
It is located nearby Hon Gai. Beauty of this mountain is narrated in a poem by the 15th century soft Le Thanh Tong which is carved on the mountain.

3. Cuo Ong temple
This temple is located on a hill overlooking Bai Tu Long Bay. It has been built as a shrine to mandarin Tran Quoc Tang.

4. Hang Dau Go or Wooden Stakes Cave
This is most beautiful and famous cave. There are rock ornaments in the cave. There is a sound crystal in the cave that emits a kaleidoscope of light when shone with a torch.

5. Hang Trinh or The Virgin
It is named after a woman who committed suicide after escaping from the clutches of an elderly perveted mandarin.

6. Dong Hang Hanh
This is 2 km long tunnel where you need to take a boat through narrow entrance. There are huge stones on the way which looks like a buildings.

7. Van Don Island
It is 50 km from Halong city. Cai Rong town, the major town of the island was prosperous post during Ly and Tran dynasty.

8. Cat Ba Island
It consist 366 small and big islands. The island is full of waterfalls, lakes, grattoes, beaches. You may also spot seals, dolphins, arthropods in the water. There is a national park in the island.

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