Glasgow Travel Guide

Glasgow Travel Guide

Though the city is very famous as a romantic city, but the name of the city is believed to be derived from the Celtic Glas-cu, which means “the dear, green place”.

In 1175, the city was given an official charter by William the Lion heart. And from then on, the city grew in importance, and a university was built here. The city found its transformation and development with the port business and the industrial revolution that provided the city with chance to offer its service to the businessmen. And soon it was one of the important cities of Scotland.

The city became famous as a major shipbuilding industry hub in the whole world, but the industry faced a decline and complete wash-off in recent past, and therefore, the city was plunged into deep economic and social crisis. However, due to its rich architectural and engineering structures and buildings, the city has recently developed as a major tourist spot and the government of the country is paying attention to make this city a major tourist destination in the world.

Geography of Glasgow
The city of Glasgow is located on the River Clyde, and is the most populous city of Scotland. The Glasgow city has a area of 175.1 Sq. Km. The city is situated on a moderately hilly landscape formed by marine deposits and some 180 drumlins. Most of these drumlins are north of the Clyde with their higher sides to the northwest and their tails to the southeast. The city thrived during industrial revolution due to abundance of coal and iron in its area.

The area of the city was extended several times to include adjoining villages and neighborhoods like Anderston, Bridgeton, Calton, Gorbals, Kelvin grove, Woodside, Govanhill, Hillhead, Kelvinside, Mary hill, Pollok shields, Cathcart, Govan, Patrick, Pollokshaws were included on different occasions.

Climate of Glasgow
The weather of the city if unpredictable and is believed to be typically Scottish. The days are fine and sunny during the summer months. July is believed to be the hottest of months. However, as earlier said that this weather here is unpredictable, nobody knows when the mild climate may turn into rash and hard temperature one.

However, the best time to visit from the climate point of view is believed to be during spring season. The months are sometimes rainy and the trees and flowers around the city bloom to lend a rare beauty to the eyes!

The winter season in Glasgow is generally damp and the days the season itself is long. Snow is not that frequent, but the temperature is pretty low during this season, it is good idea to bring warm clothes and blankets with you, if you are coming to this city during the winters.

Glasgow Transportation
Coming to Glasgow is easy from far off countries, as the city is served by an international airport. There are domestic flights as well as international flights and you can come from Far East, other European countries, US and almost from any part of the world. The choice obviously depends upon your convenience and health conditions.

By rail
The city has good railway tracks and there are two major stations for passengers to travel around. You can choose to move around in these trains and enjoy the beauty of the country that is laden with heavy greenery and natural abundance!

The Glasgow Subway
There is one more way in Glasgow to move around and is quite safe-Glasgow Subway, which was first opened on 14th December 1896. Glasgow has metro like London and is very famous with tourists. The trains are painted orange and a good way to travel around.

However, Glasgow also offers transportation by road and ferry, and you can choose to travel around using these modes of travel. It is a great pleasure to travel in ferry and admire the aquatic beauty of the sea and the area around it!

Places of interest in Glasgow
The city of Glasgow is very famous for its rich history and industrial importance of yore years. There are number of spots that you can choose to visit in the city. Some of these spots are listed below:

Scottish Exhibition and Conference Center
This center is a very good place to visit, as there are number of exhibitions and concerts that you can enjoy. No matter whether you are visiting Glasgow with family or alone, this place is a must visit!

Kelvin Grove Park, Art Galleries and Museum
Kelvin Grove Park is situated in the wide area of around 85 acres and the foundation was laid by Sir Joseph Paxton in 1852. The park is located between Glasgow University and the Art Gallery and Museum. The main feature of the park includes commemorative statues, fountains, tennis, bowling and a fine herbaceous border. There are number of events and you will enjoy visiting this place a lot: this place really gives the taste of rich culture of Glasgow.

Glasgow University
The University that added to the importance of the city has very beautiful museums and galleries and the university visitors center is a beauty to behold. The museums are pregnant with internationally renowned collections of paintings, drawings and prints by Whistler, and furniture and drawings by Charles Rennie Mackintosh. The museums also have old master paintings and Scottish art from 18th century to present. A must visit for those who are interested in art and want to know more about the cultural aspects of Glasgow.

The Tall Ship at Glasgow Harbor
This place is a real fun and one of the few ships made by Clyde-built sailing ships is present here on the spot. The ship is 103 years old sailing ship and is named as “Glenlee”. A wonderful place to come close to the reminiscences of great ship building culture of the city and to get a firsthand experience of the old ships!

Princes Square
The place is also known as Buchanan Street. However, the place is not set in a renovated square, as it dated from 1841. This is the most unique shopping place that city offers to you, and you can experience the past and contemporary shopping attractions like classic fashion, gifts, accessories, crafts and affordable luxuries.

Loch Lomond
This place is situated around a 40 minutes drive from the city of Glasgow, and a very beautiful place to visit. You can opt to take a boat trip on the loch, collect some Scottish souvenirs, and enjoy the astounding serene beauty of the area around. Lifetime experience is offered by this place and is a must visit for the people who come to the city of Glasgow.

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