Edinburgh Travel Guide

Edinburgh Travel Guide

The city of Edinburgh is a historic and cultured city. The area around the city is strikingly beautiful and, therefore, this city is one of the major tourist spots in the United Kingdom.

The city has excelled in academic and is the center for three universities and number of colleges. So this is by far the educational hub of Scotland.

The city is remembered for its rich history and cultural background, and the city hosts a number of festivals and events to showcase the art and the cultural aspects of the city to the visitors. Among these events and festivals, Edinburgh Festival is world famous and a number of tourists comes to this city to enjoy the extravaganza of the atmosphere, which is simple, electrical during the warm month of August.

Geography of Edinburgh
Due to the deep-rooted history and slow moving development, the building layout and the appearance of the city in general seems to be unusual. The city of Edinburgh is like a conglomeration of several villages and towns that were merged in it. Due to this merger there are green sides, high streets, and a number of unplanned buildings all around the area. The visitors can enjoy the beauty of the city, which is of course a little bit differently tinged!

The greenery around the city is awesome and there are number of inactive volcanoes that certainly make the proud of the city. Some of these volcanoes support the famous monuments of the city!

Climate of Edinburgh
The climate of the city is believed to unpredictable and often-changing, which is just like a typical Scottish climate! However, there are notions among many of people that Edinburgh’s weather is wet, grey, and misty throughout the whole of the year, but this is particularly true to the winter season.

It is general in all over the U.K. to have that kind of weather during the winter season; however, during other months of the year, the climate here is generally mild and tourists can enjoy visiting this city a lot. An interesting point about the winters in Edinburgh is that it has warm weather during this season as compared to all other cities of Scotland.

Spring season is one of the best seasons to visit this city, and the days are mild and clear. Visitors can enjoy the natural beauty of the city in this season to the content of their heart.

Summer offers a good time for rainfall, but the days are more clear and sunny.

However, the unpredictable nature of the weather can be experienced in early summer months, as there may be a total clear sky and it will turn into a cloudy hang-over with good rain all around!

Edinburgh Transportation
Arriving in Edinburgh is easy and simple. You can choose to come by air from other countries. The Edinburgh airport is situated at Turnhouse, which is at a very short distance from the city center. There are many flights from other countries that are increasing every year, but you may choose to come to other city of United Kingdom and arrive here by train.

The trains also have special overnight sleeper berths and you can relax in these trains during that time. The trains have connection with almost all the major cities within the United Kingdom, and there is absolutely no problem in coming here using trains as well.

Getting around in Edinburgh
The city of Edinburgh is quite compact and, therefore, it is rather easy to move around the city. If you can trust your legs to take to the famous places and not feel tired, then this would be the best mode to move around.

However, if that does not fit to you, there are number of choices for you: you can opt to choose the inexpensive taxis, buses, and boats that are there to serve the cause for you. You can also travel by train and enjoy the natural beauty of Edinburgh. The choice of mode of transportation is generally based upon your health conditions and the amount of budget that you can spare for it!

Places of Interest in Edinburgh
The city of Edinburgh has a number of places to visit. The city is rich in natural beauty, history, and culture, and therefore, you can enjoy moving around in the city. There are museums and other spots that host a number of activities, which can be enjoyed by one and all. Some of these places are listed below:

The Edinburgh Dungeon
The Edinburgh Dungeons was opened on 13th April 2001, and this is like a chamber of horrors, which really reconstruct chapters in Scotland’s book of the macabre, including Burke and Hare. This is one place that will delightfully scare you a bit, and therefore, if you love adventurous places, this will make a wonderful spot to visit!

Dynamic earth
This place is one of a kind in the city and perhaps some other major cities of Scotland. The show here uses very good effects to tell the story of the planet. The place is very famous among children and people who love to see some advanced effects used for exploring the subjects of science.

Edinburgh Castle
This historical place is home of the Edinburgh Military Tattoo. This is actually located on an inactive volcano, and the monument has a long past as it is standing there for centuries! A must visit place for tourists and a real special place!

Holyrood Palace
This palace is situated at the other end of the Royal Mile. This Royal residence has seen many dramatic events in the history of Scotland dating back to 1498 and the place has a historical aroma around it. If you want to come close to the history and past of the city, you must visit this site and get the firsthand experience.

Edinburgh Zoo
This place adds variety to the natural beauty of the city, and obviously is a favorite among the children. The zoo has a number of animals from lions to tigers, elephants to deer and penguins also can be seen here, which of course are rare in zoos.

Royal Museum of Scotland
This is where you can come before the rich past of the city! The beautiful and majestic Museum of Scotland was extended to display the historic artifacts of Scotland. However, there are many other subjects that are showcased here and a real treat for the persons liking history and culture. You should not miss to visit this place at any cost whenever you come to the city of Edinburgh.

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