Batam Island Travel Guide

Batam Island Travel Guide

Batam Island is situated in the north east of Riau province and it’s very near to Singapore. Batam Island is famous for its spectacular beaches on the north coast.

Batam is about 20 kilometer south of Singapore and it is one of the fastest growing parts of Riau Islands. Batam became popular with weekend visitors from Singapore.

More than 1.2 million tourists visit Batam each year, it is more than any other place in Indonesia other than Bali.

There are more than half a dozen international standard golf courses in Batam Island. Some of the courses are converted into Golf and Beach Resort like Palm Springs, which offer golf and other resorts services. Palm Springs also own private white sandy beach.

Batam Island is famous for its seafood. Seafood is easily available as there are number of restaurants. Tourist can try mountain biking, trekking or leisurely boats cruise in the untouched southern islands of Galang and Rempang.

Batam Island has an International Airport (Hang Nadim International Airport) with flights daily from major cities in Indonesia.

If you come from Singapore you can visit Batam Island by ferry. You can take the ferry from Singapore’s World Trade Centre or Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal.

It takes approximately 25 minutes to an hour depending on your destination, which may be Batu Ampar, Nongsapura, Sekupang or Waterfront City.

Electronics is Batam’s largest economic sector followed by oil service / construction and ship repair. Batam is a safe place for foreign visitors; approximately 1.2 million foreign visitors come each year.

Batam is one of Indonesia’s wealthiest city.

May and September are warm and pleasant seasons while the rainy season is between October and April.

Average temperature of the day in coastal areas varies from 28C to 30C. The weather is pleasant between May to September in Batam.

Once almost inhabited with few fisher community, now within a span of 40 years.

Batam history began in 1969 when state owned Pertamina Oil company established it’s base on the island. Later in 1971 it was declared as a industrial area and Batam’s Industrial Authority was formed in 1975. Beside the oil industry, Batam has a fastest growing electronic industry.

Batam was also declared a bonded area in 1978

Plenty of taxis are available to roam around the island. You can also get public taxis which is economical than other taxis but it is not as luxury companion with them and there won’t be air-con.

You can get air-coaches, minibuses. Apart from these, you can also rent a private car or bike to roam around the city.

Place of Attractions
1. Nagoya
It is the heart of Batam and you can find numerous hotels, shops, restaurants, cinemas, bars, discotheque, music lounges, shopping plaza etc. Many international Banks and Money Changers are also situated here. In Nagoya you can find boutiques and shops selling duty free goods.

2. Nongsa
Nongsa is another gateway of Batam. Lots of resorts, hotels, marinas, golf courses can be found here. Batam View Resort, Turi Beach Resort and Puri Jaya Resort are situated here too.

Tering Bay and Palm Spring Golf course and Batam’s Hang Nadim International airport are not too far from Nongsa.

3. Hang Nadim
Hang Nadim International Airport is the largest and the most modern airport around the Sumatra Region. This airport has been officially opened into operation since May 1995 and for international flight since December 1995.

4. Batam center
Batam center is the planned city of Batam Island where you can find lots of world class hotels, shops and marinas.

5. Kabil
Kabil is a deep water port having statue of free trade zone. It accommodates various ships. You can also hire speed boats from here.

6. Maha Vihara Duta Mitraya Buddhist
This is a wonderful Buddhist temple located in the Batam center. This is one of the biggest Buddhist temples in Southeast Asia. Thousands of Buddhist followers visit this temple.

7. Imra monument
Here you can see a full statue, standing 26 meters.

8. Waterworld
There is waterworld at Dutamas near Batam center where you can find theme park with water slide and pool

Night life in Batam is quite famous. It has great pubs, discos and theatres.

Beside day trip in Batam is also fun and famous too. Nagoya is the entertainment center of Batam where night life is thrilling. Plenty of bars and discos, Karaoke lounge are found in the regions. If you are movie bug then head toward studio 2t which premiers Hollywood movies in addition to Chinese and Indonesian.

Many resorts offer various indoor as well as out door activities. Some famous activities in Batam are, cable skiing, go- carting, Para-sailing, fishing, jet skis, horse riding, tennis, ultra light air craft, joy flight etc.

Other famous activities in Batam are:
1. Diving
2. Golf
3. Ten pin bowling

Shopping in Batam may not be like in Singapore but you can get lots of goodies, handicrafts, electronic, painting, pottery, Cigarette, alcoholic drinks, jewelry, garments, perfumes in cheaper price as in Singapore.

After all Batam is a duty free island. Now, there are world class malls opening their outlets in Batam.

Eating out
Delicious sea food are the biggest attractions of Batam. Prawns, crabs, lobsters, shellfish are cooked in the different styles. Gong-gong is one of the local dish which you may want to try. There are many restaurants ready to serve you a sea food in the plate. Try some Indonesian dishes and I bet you won’t forget the delacacy in your lifetime.

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